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Friday, 28 April 2023

About PIE 2023

About The Event

Submissions Due by February 23

Call for Participation: Building on the foundational conversations of previous privacy workshops that identify key privacy issues and consequences, this workshop aims to take privacy research to the next step. We bring CHI attendees together to take on the particularly difficult challenge of developing effective privacy education that supports users in making sustainable privacy-protective behavioral changes

How to apply: Participants will be able to express interest in two ways: a 2-4 page position paper or a statement of interest. The workshop submission will be in the ACM Master Article Submission Template format and should describe their research in privacy education or intervention, or address one of the themes of the workshops. Participants that do not have research experience in this area can instead submit a 1-page statement of interest that includes their background and interest in workshop themes.

Participants will be selected based on the quality and relevance of their paper submissions, intent to participate, and their prior experience in Privacy/Education/Intervention. Given that we will offer virtual participation, we hope to be inclusive and include newcomers to the field who have strong interest or plan to engage in such research. In-person applicants will be selected in ways that will encourage lively and engaging discussion. We will attempt to assemble a diverse group of participants.

Position papers and statements of interest should be submitted here by February 23rd. All submissions will be reviewed by 2 PC members; only position papers will receive feedback and be eligible to present during the lightning talks. At least one author for each accepted submission must register and attend the workshop and at least one day of the conference.


CHI 2023: Hamburg, Germany


Friday, 28 April 2023

Event Schedule

Below is our tentative event schedule

Welcome, Introduction, and Lightning Talks

Organizers will introduce themselves and discuss the overall plans for the workshop. Each attendee will be given a specified amount of time to present their accepted workshop papers. The amount of time will be dependent on the quantity of submissions accepted.

Small and Large Group Discussions

Attendees will be randomly assigned in a small group where they will answer questions regarding privacy interventions and education. After each question, attendees will come back together as a large group and discuss their small group's findings.


Design Activity Round 1

Attendees will be divided into small groups and given a context based on the morning discussion. They will be tasked with developing an intervention or educational material related to their assigned context for a general audience. After 30 minutes, small groups will come together to share their designs.

Design Activity Round 2

Participants will rejoin their small groups to continue with their design, incorporating feedback from the large group. The small groups will then identify and discuss ethical concerns or power imbalances that may exist when applying their design to more specific audiences (i.e., teens, refugees, neuro-diverse, etc.)

Design Activity Round 3

After identifying these concerns, attendees will then choose one or more populations discussed in round 2 and redesign their intervention or educational material to specifically support this group.

Lunch Break

Large Group Reporting and Discussion

Groups will share their intervention or educational material with all attendees.



A panel consisting of industry and academic researchers working at the forefront of privacy education and interventions will answer questions regarding privacy interventions and education. These include, Liz Keneski (Meta), Jen Romano (Google), Pamela Wisniewski, Bart Knijnenburg, Jessica Vitak, and Priya Kumar. Xinru Page will moderate the panel

Concluding Remarks and Where to Go From Here

Opportunities for continued participation will be discussed. All participants will be invited to participate in a post-workshop write up.

Workshop Organizers

Here are our workshop organizers

Speaker 1

Garrett Smith

Brigham Young University

Speaker 2

Kirsten Chapman

Brigham Young University

Speaker 3

Zainab Agha

Vanderbilt University

Speaker 4

Janet Ruppert

University of Colorado, Boulder

Speaker 5

Spring Cullen

Brigham Young University

Speaker 6

Sushmita Khan

Clemson University

Speaker 7

Bart Knijnenburg

Clemson University

Speaker 8

Jessica Vitak

University of Maryland, College Park

Speaker 9

Priya Kumar

Pennsylvania State University

Speaker 10

Pamela Wisniewski

Vanderbilt University

Speaker 11

Xinru Page

Brigham Young University